This really must be Bob’s favourite lemon pie, I have a recipe for this in 13 different sources.  I bet that after a while, every time anyone ever asked him for a recipe he told his secretary to “send them the old lemon pie recipe”.  I may, at some point, compare them all for variations but until then, Nathalie made the one from the “Motion Picture Mothers” book.  As in one of the other books the title of the recipe is “Mother’s Lemon Pie” i can only imagine that this is as close to the original as it can be.  Straight from the source, old ma Hope.

I cannot seem to rotate this photo and it’s a bit pants but you can just see the mini lemon tarts Nathalie made on the left hand side.  They got a bit bashed around in transit to my place but everyone who had one said they were just lovely.  Not mega sweet.  Just right. 

After Tony had one, he must have had a sugar rush.  He went a bit mental and started doing Alvin Stardust impersonations as Caroline had found one of my favourite LPs and bunged it on the record player…

Becky joined in and there was much posturing along these lines…

The two of them were really making me laugh.  Browsing around the interweb for a good pic of Alvin reminded me of something I think Matthew Coniam told me a while ago but I’d forgotten.  Alvin was born in Muswell Hill (where I currently reside).  I must go about finding out exactly where, and make a pilgrimage.

For my chums across the pond who might not know about the genius that is Alvin, here’s a link to My Coo Ca Choo  Lay down and groove on the mat!  Yeah.  I liked him when he was Shane Fenton too…

Thanks Bob, for providing a lemon pie recipe that around 45 years later precipitated an Alvin Stardust frenzy in Muswell Hill.

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