Carol Channing

I knew we had a Carol Channing recipe somewhere and we intend to make this for our dinner on Sunday night. It involves a big lump of meat and some gingersnaps. Can’t wait.

Happy to report that the Sylvia of Hollywood diet is going well. Despite the fact that Wholefoods only had GARLIC melba toasts I am so far sticking to the breakfast of these with honey on top and lunch of soup. Only one misdemeanor so far, I have ignored Sylvia’s strict, “Liquor is out! Absolutely!” comment and had one Margarita. Well I AM in Texas after all. Oh, and although I have done the 20 minutes of arm swinging she prescribes each morning I have so far not done the one hour of evening two stepping. Perhaps I should seek myself out some kind of hoe-down to do some partner dancing rather than just jigging around in Ruth’s “recreation room”.

I am pleased with myself so far (my dinner host last night had a Margarita AND two glasses of wine) but I sure am hungry…

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