“Every cent anybody pays in tax is spent to benefit him.
There’s no better place to spend it.
I enjoy this country and I really think I get my money’s worth.”

I’ve had my head in my hands most of this month, worrying about my tax return. I finally completed it yesterday. How refreshing – and timely therefore – to find this quote on the most excellent website this morning. Gives me a new perspective on things and very Alvin Hall. Sort of.

I’m having a Lombard weekend as I attempt to write a blurb to go with her spareribs recipe for the book. I’m applying myself with renewed vigour to the project now that we are entering 2009. I am trying not to be distracted by the DVD of My Man Godfrey which is hovering beside me, as I must actually write the stuff rather than just thinking about it.

Maybe I will reward myself with a viewing of the film once the work is done. In fact, I may indeed do that after having a My Man Godfrey Martini in the 5th Floor Bar of Waterstones Piccadilly when the month of sobriety comes to an end. Perfect.

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