Oh Carole!  Lounging poolside on a fur rug, only YOU could get away with that!

Well on Saturday the entire contents of my lock-up were transported in a van and carried up four flights of stairs by two beefcakes for hire and 5 true and trusted friends.  Everything is IN.  I am surrounded by hundreds of boxes and bags of absolute nonsense and I am VERY happy about it.

On Sunday I decided to test Carole’s recipe for Spare Ribs as I’m planning to make these the first “Recipe of the Month”.  I invited Charley round and we drank the last of the moving in beers and ate ribs standing up in the kitchen (no table and chairs yet).  The ribs were utterly delicious but most of my kitchen ended up being covered in drips of BBQ sauce.  Sticky as anything.

It is lovely having Charley as a neighbour and not just because he was more than happy to go home and fetch his bottle openener when we decided to cotinue drinking.  We had a most companionable evening working on the saucy  “Slave Trader” jigsaw and discussing the risible state of our lovelives.  I anticipate many such evenings and very much enjoyed the Sunday selection of music on R2 as it boomed out of my radiogram.  All that worrying about how we were going to get such a massively sturdy 1950s piece of musical furniture up the stairs were unfounded.  The Man with a Van and his mate hoisted it up there like it was a matchbox.

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