They are playing the National Anthem and I am feeling all tearful and worried for our boys.  COME ON ENGLAND!  It’s such a momentous match, so very exciting.  I’m watching it at home as I am hosting a post match barbecue so have to tend to cooking stuff at half time.  The spare ribs are in the oven already.  In superstitious fashion I expect that when I go out to baste them with sauce at 3.30 England will get their first goal.

Ava’s party was wonderful as usual.  I really enjoyed chatting to my lovely friend James and the Italian girl he has staying with him.  Reminds me of the great things that generosity of spirit can bring.  He met her at a film festival a couple of months ago, she needed somewhere to crash for a few days in London and he offered.  Also made me realise that for the first time (possibly ever) I can also offer the same hospitality to anyone I fancy now that I have my own place.  All kinds of adventures could ensue!

No romantic entanglements or otherwise to report from the party.  GC lookalikee was there and we had a brief chat but I was so busy spinning the discs – for FOUR HOURS – that we didn’t really get a chance for anything more than chit chat.  A good thing.

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