My fungi phobia is abating and I was quite surprised about how much I liked these.  Even though the little critters looked WEIRD, they tasted good.  I made them with something quite funky I found in Morrison’s.  A jar of “mixed mushrooms” in oil.  I tried to find a picture of them on Google to no avail.  I fear they are the kind of thing you find once by chance and then never, ever see them again.  I loved the label on the jar – really old fashioned.  If I ever find them again I’ll post a picture.  Other ingredients were spinach, tomato and french dressing…

Vic, Corinna and Kieron came round for another Mad Men night but due to my last minute Annie antics I didn’t have episode 3 and only episode 4.  I spent most of the day trying to download episode 3 to no avail.  I even spent £20 on a month’s subscription to some site I thought would allow me to do this, but alas no.  So I’ll have to think of a few things to download instead to get my money’s worth.

I made Roast Duck with Orange Sauce from my chum Alastair Hendy’s Home Cook cookbook.  I do so love his recipes.  And I always think fondly of his mum when I read the instructions as she appears so often as his inspiration in this book.  The duck was lovely and Corinna made a delicious Marble Cake for pudding.

And now, Claire Teal on R4 – bliss…

Thanks Cary!  Your canapes were great!


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