Greetings to those dropping by from Dinner and a Movie for some extra recipes suitable for serving alongside a screening of Sunset Blvd.

First up, possibly the maddest thing I have ever made William Holden’s Lime Gelatine with Carrots, Nuts and Olives.

Yes, this is me dressed as Gloria Swanson, yes, I made this in a rabbit mould.  Yes, some people ate it.

Please make this mad thing, and please send me photos!

If you fancy picking the pips out of thousands of redcurrants as I am doing here, with the divine Jane Fryers assisting,

you could make some Gloria Swanson Bar-le-Duc.

You might also fancy trying her Devil’s Food Cake

or her Cream Fudge.

You could create quite a menu with some of the above and one or more of Cecil B. DeMille recipes.  I heartily suggest tucking your trousers into your boots when you are making any of these…

Do let me know how your spectacular Sunset Blvd. dinners turn out!  Cheers!

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!


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