Oooh, I liked this!  I think it had a lot to do with the convivial atmosphere that was in the air when I was making it.  I was cooking at Battenburg Belle’s house.  And she has a super dooper new Le Creuset pan which I am coveting…


Celeste was a bit vague on the cooking instructions for the chicken, so I consulted with BB and we decided to fry it up in butter to make it a nice colour, then pop it in the oven to make sure it was cooked through.  I reckon it was in the oven about 40 minutes.


Even though there was only two of us, I decided to present it on an oval platter as recommended by Celeste.  I was cursing the fact that I’d left the parsley in my shopping basket at Sainsbury’s as I’m sure this would have made the dish more photogenic.  But here you are!  With a fabulous salad prepared by BB (I was watching her vinaigrette construction technique very carefully)…


I used a tin of Iranian sour cherries that I pick up from my favourite “corner shop” – that’s a bit of a misnomer as it isn’t on a corner, and it is MAHHOOSIVE. 


Sour cherries are quite hard to get hold of here in the UK so when I see some, I grab some. These had been in my cupboard for ages…

Thanks Celeste!  I really liked your Celestial Chicken.


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