Rather too much socialising and not enough cooking going on this side of the pond at the moment. Also packing. I move out of the STAR’s apartment on Wednesday and then wing my way to New Zealand. To take the ukulele or not to take the ukulele that is the question.

I’ve been notified that the STAR will not be returning to the flat before the lease is up and therefore I have carte blanche to devour everything that is in the food cupboard. There is a LOT of baked beans, some tuna, pasta and lots of crackers. I am planning to have a BANQUET for my sisters and their beaus on fireworks night to use up some of these supplies. Like the lovely Rosalind “wartime” Russell I am loathe to see food go to waste.

I therefore plan the traditional bonfire night jacket potatoes and will make a variety of things to have on them. The aforementioned beans will look after themselves. I shall also fashion some of Charlie Ruggles’ Tuna Salad. Might also make some of Joan Crawford’s stuffed peppers. We shall see.

On the lovelife front exciting things are afoot. I am going to be part of a Guiness Book of Records attempt to stage the Largest Blind Date in the World on Friday. What japes.

I am however slightly cross with myself that I have accepted an invitation out on Saturday night with the Chaw-Bacon. He sure knows how to tempt me. We are going to the much lauded 1950s bowling alley in Bloomsbury. A curse on that short sleeved 1950s docker mentality! And a curse on me for falling for it!

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