Hello my darlings!  Those of you who know Charlie Drake will hear his voice ringing through your head saying that line, I’m sure.

When researching Heinz recipes for the Heinz 57 Challenge, I stumbled upon something BRILLIANT.  A promotional film split into two parts that is viewable on t’internet.  This is really worth casting your eyes upon my friends.  I love the RAPT attention all the housewives are giving this demonstration and the clipped English accent of the Heinz in-house cook.  Two recipes are demonstrated and the liver will be coming to the blog soon.

I worked for British Pathe for about 7 years, mostly cataloguing their silent cinemagazine collection.  I didn’t see this film when I worked there. Maybe if I had, I would have started the Silver Screen Suppers blog many years earlier than I did.

OK, so it’s not really Charlie who cooks this pie, but it’s certainly him who eats it!

I made this to the exact instructions given in the film and it was DELICIOUS.  I did write down the ingredients and method but goodness only knows where.  I’ll come back and add this in if I find it.  Meanwhile, it’s very clear in the film if you fancy making it.  I love the addition of tomato ketchup to the mash and the use of Beef Broth.  Here are a few pix.

Delicious!  Another one to add to the list of 57 meals involving Heinz in my 57th year on the planet.  I’ll have to do a round-up soon but here’s what we had for lunch on the Saturday after devouring Charlie’s pie – Italians look away now – spaghetti ‘oops on toast!  Please note the personalised label on the ‘oops!  Tonto is one of Mr Rathbone’s many nicknames…

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