Oh these are so cute.  And easy to make.  A winner.

It has been so much fun and so lovely to have Caroline in my clutches for a couple of days.  How I wished she lived just around the corner rather than a million miles away in Texas.  I do miss her so.  We had such a lovely time together and I am so very sad now she has gone.

Most fun was her being around to witness the kind of teenage style flirtation a singleton such as myself gets her knickers in a twist about.  It’s not often that I meet someone I fancy but I sure did yesterday.  I bought a sideboard from him.

He delivered it to my flat around five pm and managed to get it up four flights of stairs without breaking a sweat.  I offered him a cocktail but he was driving.  He admired my radiogram which made me quite giddy.  I felt a little bit guilty as I’d negotiated a very good price for the sideboard and it is a beautiful thing (those Danes do know about design).  To apologise for diddling him out of the full price I packaged up the rest of the Snowdrops in a little cellophane bag with a ribbon on it for him to take away with him.
When he left, Caroline and I spied on him out of the window like two teenagers.  Me: “What’s he doing?” Caroline: “Talking on the phone?” Me: “NO!  He’s undoing the ribbon and opening the biscuits.”  Caroline: “He’s eating one!” and then when he was actually in his van we saw him put the little cellophane package of snow drops on the dashboard, start the engine and then reach out for them again, Me: “He’s having ANOTHER ONE.”  Ah, the joy of such nonsense.

I have his number…

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