“I wanna go home. I miss my cook.”

Ruth is beside the stove cooking up Fred MacMurray’s Egg Burgers De Luxe for our breakfast and Clara Bow’s Vanilla Marlow is “done and done” and settling down in the refrigerator. We are going for it in a big way on day two of the cookathon.
The anticipated Silver Screen Supper Scrap never really came to blows. We perched at a bar at the very edge of Ocean City and broke down the list of 50 into Ruthie’s and mine. Distracted every now and then by a couple who had “got themselves drunk” we dished them out with the minimum of fuss. We were both VERY pleased with our list of 26 (for we had forgotten Fred and Claudette so couldn’t limit it to 50) and had the added treat of seeing a girl at the bar with her top off displaying an ill fitting pink bra to the two boys she was with. Jim the barman reassured us that it was all OK as everyone knew each other and she in fact lived with a GIRL so everything was fine – unless the GIRL found out…
I am very excited about all my lovely ladies – Clara, Bette, Louise, Joan – can’t wait to get all the biographies out of the lock up and get into bed with them and a big vat of Vanilla Marlow.
P.S. Yum. I am liking the Vanilla Marlow – a bit like a frozen Vanilla Milk Steamer and plus LOW FAT because it is almost totally composed of Marshmallows.

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