Clara Bow
“We had individuality. We did as we pleased. We stayed up late. We dressed the way we wanted. I used to whiz down Sunset Boulevard in my open Kissel, with several red Chow dogs to match my hair. Today, they`re sensible and end up with better health. But we had more fun. “
I am so thankful to all the people who populate the internet with marvelous things. I have just stumbled upon the above quote which has saved me from making the grave error of suggesting in a magazine article that Clara Bow zipped around Hollywood with Red Setters in her convertible. Oh lord. Can you imagine?

Mis-remembering is a strange, strange thing. So many facts get mixed up in the brain and I can’t shake myself of the feeling that it was something to do with Laura Mulvey and her post-it note infested copy of “Runnin’ Wild” that made me get this key fact wrong. What a weird situation that was, waiting to go on Women’s Hour with me staring into space with mind completely blank and Laura swotting up on Clara.

I’m so excited that BUST magazine is going to publish a little article I have written about Clara’s Vanilla Marlow. How fab. I thought I’d better give the recipe a little test before it goes in so I made some this evening in preparation for the girls coming round tomorrow night. I now know how much the specified 20 marshmallows weigh…

By the way, is Clara wearing an APRON in this picture? Surely not. She almost always admitted that her “favourite recipes” were courtesy of her cook rather than made by her own fair hand. Clara, you poseur!

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