Clara Bow
“A sex symbol is a heavy load to carry when one is
tired, hurt and bewildered”

I’ve been feeling a bit like that myself lately Clara but it’s getting better…

London is FROZEN. It took me two hours to get home from work as trains were on go-slow, buses were cancelled or turned back from slippery hills and I had to walk all the way from Archway. Blitz spirit prevailed as we all tried not to fall over shuffling down Crouch Hill to the Broadway. It’s like a Victorian scene outside my house, I just looked out the window and there is a bunch of boys chucking snowballs at each other. Lovely.

So it seems an apt kind of evening to blog the results of Lita’s testing of the Marlow – not a success alas. I’m going to have to write more in depth instructions about cream whipping and milk steaming I think. Lita approached the recipe with gusto – but rather too much gusto unfotunately and the resulting curdled mess did not impress her husband! Attempting to fix the marlow reduced this very glamorous domestic goddess to a jibbering wreck but she did volunteer to give it another go once she has recovered from her diva moment!

Not right now though, too bloody cold for ice-cream!

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