Ooh, I do love venison.  It is so rich and delicious and flavoursome and lean and it always seems extravagant.  Clark’s method is a really nice way of cooking it – marinating it for aaaaages in red wine, oil, vinegar and herbs then cooking it up in an onion-y, bacon-y, floury sauce.  Yum. 

I think this will be the recipe of Clark’s that features in the book.  I am more certain of the veracity of this one than the pork tenderloin recipe attributed to him that I was originally going to include.  In “Cooking With The Stars” Clark is quoted as saying of this venison recipe: “This is my favourite hunter’s stew” and he states that it is “especially good served with crisp bread croutons” so I’ll try that next time.

Any excuse!  You handsome devil you!


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