Clark Gable

My lovely ex Charley is on his way over for a birthday dinner so I gotta be quick. I’ve made Clark’s Stuffed Tenderloins which look pretty darn impressive I have to say – and a Carole Lombard Cherry Pie to follow – a nice little combo to reflect their great and enduring love for each other. Must get hold of the only film they were in together to see if it holds up for a modern audience…

I made a schoolgirl error today, thinking it was the 29th February and therefore the special day that only comes once every four years. Consequently I proposed to the man formerly known as the artist – only to get a rebuttal. I am two years out of sync. Oh well, I’ll ask him again in 2012 I guess. Mind you, although he pooh poohed me for getting the date wrong he has just sent a text enquiring after my dowry! Ha ha.

I have been pretty much “lit” all weekend thanks to those book group ladies leaving 2 and a half bottles of wine undrunk on Friday. Jeepers. There is no point me having undrunk wine in the house is there?!

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