Ooh, I had an outfit a bit like that on Second Life.  Been so long since I went there though I’ll have forgotten how to do everything I’m sure.  I did enjoy meditating by the fountains with doves flying around though.  Oh and I did like my little witches’ familiar – a little owl with a monocle.  Anyhow, I’m too busy with Silver Screen Suppers stuff to spend any time in a fantasy world these days.  It’s non stop!

It was my desk-mate’s birthday today so I made him a CC Cake.  Man, it comes out different every time.  There was a comedy moment where the lettering of JIM in pink pearly edible beads started sliding off the cake – less milk in the frosting next time!  It was Rita’s Angel Food Cake recipe – at which I am improving – dolled up with Cladette’s Lemon Curd filling and lemony frosting.  I did make a classic schoolgirl error though – in my defence it was at about 6.30am – I put the cake in the oven and when I went to check on it about 1/2 an hour later realised that I’d put the GRILL on rather than the oven.  Doh!  I think I rescued it OK though.

I’m getting back into the writing since I got myself Scrivener – ooh what a wonderful thing it is for organising all the biographies and recipes for the Silver Screen Suppers book.  Hope it isn’t just procrastination though…

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