“It took me years to figure out that you don’t fall into a tub of butter,
you jump for it.”

I’m going to the hairdresser tomorrow – I may well take this picture in and get my fringe done like Claudette’s. She is the star I am supposed to look most like – according to the special face measuring wheel in my “Westmore Beauty Book” of 1939. I don’t have that moody face on much though…

Marion, our super cake tester from Texas, reported back that Claudette’s eponymous cake was rather good. In fact, so good that she has decided to tinker with the recipe and add it to her collection. I have not attempted this one myself, mostly because the first ingredient is “1 Angel Food Cake” so I think I need to master that first!

Marion suggested, “I bet this is the cake Claudette served John Wayne when he brought her “wings” back in Without Reservations” and continued, “I find it amazing that she did so well with her career because she wasn’t that dazzling good looks movie star variety…just cute and clever.” Hm, bearing in mind that I am supposed to look like Claudette, perhaps that applies to me too?!

A big thanks to Marion for mentioning Silver Screen Suppers in her blog – – and a heads up that her “Chocolate Crimes” book will be out very soon…

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