I don’t know what the link was between Clive Brook and Richard Barthelmess but I guess at some point they rustled this up together.  Maybe they were flat-mates in some seedy boarding house before they hit the big time?  If anyone has the insider knowledge, please let me know.  Perhaps they made this for their bachelor parties with a few crisps to dip in…

I’m just back from my folks’ where I have had a lovely time. They have moved to Suffolk and are in the perfect, perfect spot.  I spent a gorgeous couple of hours with my mum as she took me on a tour of Sudbury.  All the shopkeepers and market traders were so chatty.  We had a good chin wag with the wool shop lady, the fabulous chick on the herb stall drew me a picture of a sorrel leaf and told me how to forage for it and the fishmonger seemed most amused that I was so annoyed to find some beautiful Kings Lynn brown shrimp for my Gracie Fields potted shrimp and wasn’t able to buy any due to living in LONDON.   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg.

I am not the kind of person to covet things (apart from Cathy’s fish plates which I have mentioned before) but I have always been inordinately fond of my mum’s charm bracelet which I remember her wearing in the 1970s.  And today she gave it to me, I am so thrilled.  She says that she never wears it and would like me to enjoy it.  So I am wearing it right now.

The sedan chair charm was always my favourite but I also vividly remembered the charm with the yellow stone, and the fish.  I absolutely love it and it makes a wonderful tinkly sound whenever I move my wrist.

Mind you, someone sitting in front of me at the cinema when I’m eating popcorn might not find it as lovely as I do…

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