“I’m a lot more sartorial than thespian. They come to see me
and go out humming the costumes.”

Delicious, delicious, delicious. Constance was spreading her cometary glory all around our island last night as we scoffed her Spanish Chicken on the fuel pontoon. After much moving around of tubs in the early evening the landlady and her beau ended up with the best mooring on the island. Alas, for them it is “for one night only” (their turn to have their bottom scrubbed) so we made the most of it. Edmund and I carried the hot pots and pans along the pontoons. Landlady and beau borrowed plastic table and chairs from other residents and we quaffed wine and scoffed chicken as the sun went down and the aircraft and geese roared overhead.

Landlady’s beau decided that The Fuel Pontoon would be a great name for a floating restaurant and we had a little flight of fancy as to the possibility of a Silver Screen Suppers themed club where you could eat the nosh and watch the movie. As the last recipe I did was Clark Gable’s I guess the film to watch with Constance’s chicken would have to be the MARVELLOUS sounding “Starlit Days at the Lido” in which they both appeared. You don’t get movies with names like THAT any more do you?

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