“I’m a lot more sartorial than thespian. They come to see me
and go out humming the costumes.”
It was lovely to be rustling up Constance’s chicken for 3 whilst Grace and Jack were rehearsing their country songs in the dining room. They were on fine warbling form.

Alas, Jack couldn’t stay for dinner and so I offered two thighs to The Artist via the medium of Skype. He declined. I think that really must be the end of offering invitations to The Artist. He remains untempted by my offers to pose, visits to the William Morris Gallery, dinner, Sunday lunch and two unclaimed gifts – one of which is a jar of Bette Davis marmalade that has been hanging around here since Christmas. I will have to accept that he’s just not that bothered.

Grace and I had a most excellent visit to the Frillseekers sale and I came away with an superb haul. Four fantastic frocks, a pair of imitation snakeskin shoes and a fabulous titfer with spotty veil. Like Constance I am practising being more sartorial than theatrical.

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