Here’s Constance “donning the silks” as I believe the Panther once put it and posing with a curtain.  It’s a good look isn’t it?  I might try it next time someone tries to take a photo of me.

I’ve been putting off re-testing this recipe for ages and I don’t know why as it has always been a hit.  Tonight Charley said, “This might be one of your very best” and as he’s probably been the recipient of more Silver Screen Suppers than anyone on the planet that’s saying something!

I hereby report that during the making of this dish I did something that I have NEVER done before.

At lunchtime I skipped over to Morrisons to get my chicken and asked my favourite in-store butcher to chop one up for me into portions.  Oh it was like watching a melodrama from the 30s to see his face.  He was so upset and so apologetic.  Apparently there are new health and safety rules.  They cannot have raw poultry and raw meat together on the butchery counter these days.  FORSOOTH!

He was so miserable about the fact he couldn’t do what he wanted to make my life easier that he accompanied me to the chicken shelf saying, “Let’s have a think about the best solution”.  He took a big fat chook off the shelf and explained in great detail the method he would recommend to chop one chicken into 8 pieces.  All the while I was thinking, “There is no way I have a knife sharp enough for this.”  To cut a long story very short I bought myself a Morrison’s CLEAVER for £6.99 and for the first time in my life threw myself like someone in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon at a raw chicken.

I am very pleased with myself.

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