I invited my chum Lady Jane (not a real lady) around for pesto but when my grocery delivery arrived, there was no basil to be seen.  I swiftly pivoted and made her Mildred Natwick’s Tomato Pie instead, which was a big hit with both of us.

But when she turned up she was bearing a big pot of basil.  What a chum!  She is the kind of friend who will make a special trip to leave this on my doorstep when laid up with Covid, all I could eat was pickled onions and there were only three left in the fridge.

So after a lovely lunch with her, I ripped all the leaves off that basil and rustled up some Taos Pesto.  It was fab!

Here’s the recipe!

Definitely destined for the Cooking the Detectives book!  As is Mildred’s Tomato Pie because… THE SNOOP SISTERS!

Mildred Natwick’s Tomato Pie


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