What a treat this was!  Such a simple recipe, but utterly delicious.

I only have two recipes for Joan in the collection, the other is for marmalade.  I was going to try both, to see which one would be best suited for the forthcoming Cooking the Detectives book, but this one is SO GOOD, it is IN. I used a nice vintage cider and the sauce was really delicate, didn’t taste too boozy at all, yum.  Thanks Miss Marple, I mean Joan…

I rustled this up on a snowy evening when to be honest, I was very pleased not to be spending too long in the kitchen.  This was the view from my kitchen window.

It snowed here on Sunday and I am writing this on the following Friday (note – this was a few weeks ago). There is still snow everywhere (this is pretty rare for London) so next day I felt  like a total domestic goddess by popping the potatoes and corn from the previous nights dinner into the baking dish with the second piece of fish (it had been in the fridge overnight), plus a bit of Arthur Brest’s carrot loaf (more on that in another post soon),

I bunged it in the oven with a bit of foil on top and VOILA.

A dinner that could cook all by its own self in the oven whilst I huddled by the radiator in the bedroom wearing a gazillion layers.

So I say this is a great little dish to make for 4, BUT, if like me you live on your own, I highly recommend halving the recipe and cooking enough veggies for two nights.  It is rare for me to be looking forward to a dinner made of left overs, but I was with this and it was just as yummy on night two.  A winner of a dinner!

Due to a schoolgirl error in my online grocery order I accidentally bought 4 cod loins instead of 2 so there are two in the freezer.  As I decided to go back to the old skool method of selecting the star for the next recipe of the month via the luck of the draw…

I feel a Spencer Tracy Codfish Chowder coming on!

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