On a Spinster’s Saturday there must be eggs.  And here’s what I had yesterday for my breakfast.  Oh yummy!  These are so easy, and the recipe can be adapted for one, by making these in ramekins (I just had one, but wish I’d made two).


This is a bit like a photo in the section of “Ask The Family” where the teams were shown a close up of something that looked really strange and they had to guess what it was…

askthefamilyBasically it’s a photo of a slice of tomato in a ramekin with an egg on top… 

Here’s how the finished article looked…  Corrine is quite correct, it was DELICIOUS!


An update on my Marie Kondo “festival of tidying” follows the recipe if you want to see how I am doing…

Corinne Griffith’s Anchovy Eggs

2 large tomatoes

1 can anchovies


8 eggs



Skin tomatoes.  Slice into 8 pieces.  Place in bottom of casserole.  Salt and pepper.  Break and arrange one egg on each slice of tomato.  More salt and pepper.  Dot with butter, and on top of each place an anchovy.  One on each egg.  Bake in moderate oven until eggs begin to harden – about 30 minutes.  Brown under flame just before serving.  Delicious.  Serves four.


I want one of those neck things…

Marie Kondo-fest update…

I will have been living in my flat for 5 years on the 31st May.  I’ve been meaning to get a bathroom cabinet ever since I moved in.  I finally did it last week.

So here was how the clutter corner in my bathroom looked before the cabinet… 


and how it looks now…


I am very pleased with myself and totally understand what Marie Kondo is saying.  You have to take massive action and once it is done, you never have to do it again.  I am pleased to report that my sock drawer STILL looks perfect a couple of months after I Kondo-d it…  Oh, and I managed to construct that cabinet from an Argos flat pack all by my own self, with a screwdriver.  I am getting so grown up!

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