“You can count on Errol Flynn, he’ll always let you down.”
Perhaps it is a bit of portentous syncronicity that Niven has a good quote about Errol as I am supposed to be embarking upon “Errol Week” tomorrow. Almost finished reading his amazing biography and pen is poised to write the blurb to go with his Baked Fish Havanaise recipe. Hopefully I’ll get up the gumption to do it.Friday night saw me sitting on a high bar stool in red knee high boots sipping a “My Man Godfrey” cocktail as the month of sobriety FINALLY came to an end. Thank the Lord for that. I did it and I am very pleased with myself but nothing beats an ice cold martini in my book.

So the drinking begins and with it an end to the nonsense that is internet dating. I gave it a month’s trial and I am more or less back where I started so I say, “Stick it Jerry” and will try and meet someone new by natural means. Ha ha. Oh, there is still one guy to meet – on Wednesday, so for my £15 I got four encounters. That’s not bad value for money I suppose. I might give it another go sometime but for now I shall use old fashioned means to snare a mate. If I can remember what they are…

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