Not sure why Deborah calls these scones, they would be cookies to Americans or to us Brits, biscuits.

An English Scone

An English Scone

Deborah was English, so she should have known a scone when she saw one.

What do Americans call scones, biscuits?  

An American Biscuit

An American Biscuit


All very confusing.

An English Biscuit

An English Biscuit

Scones, cookies, biscuits, whatever you want to call them, these are really good. I put glace cherries in the centre of some of mine, coconut and cherry being a classic combination.  I do know though, that some people are cherry averse. Anne who I work with loves individual sized Bakewell Tarts


but she always picks the cherry off and if she can’t shift it, will eat all around it and throw away the cherry and the icing it sailed in on too.  But I like ’em!


Deborah’s recipe is here if you are looking in September 2014, if it is at some time in the future, you’ll get a surprise recipe of the month!


I’m surprised that I haven’t done a Deborah Kerr recipe before but it appears not.  It sure has put me in the mood for watching Black Narcissus…

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