Diana Dors
“I was the first home-grown sex symbol,
rather like Britain`s naughty seaside postcards.”
Oh my stars, Diana was so LUSCIOUS. Just gorgeous. And our viewing of “Yield to the Night” proved that she could act too, given half the chance. What a humdinger of a movie.

It was a long awaited Silver Screen Supper in West One last night. Edmund rocked up with the Diana Dors boxset, Rosalind cooked up a curry and our surprise handsome guest sprawled on the sofa wolf-whistling and making comments such as “She’s a STUNNER” regarding the lovely Ms Dors. Rosalind made two versions of the dish, one to Diana’s specifications and one a bit spiced up for the modern palate. Being a purist, I liked the authentic one.

Rosalind made me laugh by saying that when she told her mum she was making a curry her mum said, “An INDIAN curry?” as she legendarily prefers curry that comes from a Chinese takeaway. Rosalind also commented on Diana’s pneumatic physique, “She must have eaten a lot of Bhuma to get those Bhumas…” Indeed!  She was an absolutely fine figure of a woman.  Just as women should be.  Gorgeous.

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