Diana’s breakfast mash-up has got lots of things in it that I like, and as I’ve reported here before, I do love me a recipe that serves one.  Living alone as I do, it pleases me when recipe writers tip their hats to those of us who aren’t part of a nuclear family.

I am thinking mostly of Vincent Price and his singleton’s delight, the Chicken in a Pineapple here.  A whole pineapple just for YOU, with delicious creamy chicken stuff inside. Fabulous.

However, it dawned on me that rather than making singleton’s portions of Diana’s breakfast mix whenever I fancied it, it would be a good timesaving exercise to make a great big batch of it so I multiplied the recipe by 10.  Is that recipe squared?

Um, no then.  I was never any good at maths…  BUT, multiplying a recipe by 10 is an easy thing to do (although I did write it all down before I started and double checked my quantities before I launched into it).

So here’s the mix under construction.

Here it is all mixed together.

Here it is in a jar.

Delicious, nutritious, and I’ve got LOADS OF IT!

Here’s the original recipe for one…

and here is 10 x the recipe for those who are worse at maths than I am…

150g Bran Flakes

150g All Bran or Bran Buds

70g slivered almonds

150g dried apricots, chopped

150g dried apple, chopped

150g currants, raisins or sultanas

Just mix it all up in a big bowl and siphon off into airtight containers.  A serving is about 82g and there are 210 calories per serving according to the X-cel Diet book.  If I eat enough of this, I will soon have a figure like Diana’s I am sure.

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