I am back from my divine holiday and about half a stone heavier than when I left.  Therefore, I am on a diet.  But not just any diet, the Diana Dors Diet.


I’ve been eating everything under the sun, including delicious seafood from the legendary Company Shed:


and boozing it up with endless glasses of lager and many servings of the new Hammerton Brewery beer, Baron H – launched yesterday at the family brewery’s brilliant first birthday party.


I’ve written about Diana’s Diet before – there’s a lengthy post here about it… – but I’ve only ever made two of the dishes DD recommends.  The Breakfast Bean Omelette (which I do love) and this cereal combo.  Diana lost over 50 lbs on this diet in the 1980s.  I’m aiming for 7.  I’ll keep you posted and will blog about any of the X-cel diet dishes I make.


Until then, this will be my secret weapon.  I am making up a big batch of it and taking it to work in a jar for my breakfasts al-desko.  This is what I am aiming for…


If you are looking in June 2015, Diana’s recipe will be on the Recipe of the Month page.  If you are looking at some time in the future you’ll get a surprise!  

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