When you are in the same room as Jay Rayner, Mary Berry, Nigella Lawson and Ottolenghi, you know something magical will happen.  So it was tonight.  I went to the Guild of Food Writers Awards and oh my goodness me, something amazing happened.

My Diana Dors obsession has been growing lately.  There has been the recent attempt at her Moussaka, the gift of an “Open Dors” LP, the correspondence with her son about including her recipe in the forthcoming book, and last night, a screening of “The Unforgettable Diana Dors” in the Silver Screen Suppers Towers home cinema.  Add to this the fact that at my fingertips in my day job is the entire TV-am archive. This includes many wonderful appearances of Diana, endearing herself to most of the 1980s female population (and some of the men) by admitting she had a weight problem and pledging to lose weight along with members of the public by following a calorie controlled diet.

I have watched these appearances with great interest.  Taking note of all the foodstuffs she recommends in order to shed pounds and LOVING her honest and down to earth way of engaging with members of the public who were, just like her, trying to lose weight.

Tonight, quite by chance, I met the cookery writer who put together all the recipes for the Diana Dors diet!  And yes, I have her email address!   Whoopee!  Can you believe the serendipity?  I am so excited.  She has even kept one of the special calorie counter devices Diana demonstrated on the show that I have been looking for on ebay for aons.   Will report back when I have more information….

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