in the scorching texas heat, which has not been under 100 degrees for over a month, one does not immediately think of HOT SOUP for dinner. that is, unless it is a corn chowder by the divine dick powell. yes indeed, time had finally come for this stateside film archivist to get with the program and begin cooking. armed with a newly won ebay cookbook dedicated to the late will rogers, very, very vague directions, and a seriously sassy apron, i began celebrating the glory that the man whose movie proclaims the glory of “pettin’ in the park…” yes, this corn chowder is definitely 1930s crooning dick p., rather than snarky 1940s dick powell, private eye. end product = delish, yet said vague directions gave a bit of pause during the process. thank heavens i have spent a lot of time by the side of my grandmother cookin’ over a kansas stove to get an idea of how to “thicken” a broth… (hint: flour, but not too much as you can end up with a very odd looking soup.) i must say that my gravest concern over this project is that i will end up gaining 435 pounds in the process – and end up looking a bit orson welles like by september.

onward ho!!!

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