This morning in bed the conversation went like this:

Mr Rathbone: What are you blogging about?

Me: Dinah Shore’s Sunday Baked Eggs.

Mr Rathbone: Whose eggs?

Me: Dinah Shore’s Eggs.

Mr Rathbone: Dinosaurs Eggs? I think they found some of those in the Antarctic.

This recipe is from an excellent cookbook I’ve had for ages, but I think it’s the first time I’ve cooked something from it.

Thanks to Google, I just discovered that there is a song of the same name and I love it!

My word these eggs were GOOD. I made some for me, myself and I on a spinster writing day and it was one of those breakfasts that makes you talk out loud to yourself about how good it is as you are eating it.

I think it had something to do with the ham I used, from the Polish deli down the road.

Me: Are those mushrooms on the top of that ham?

Lady in the deli: No, it’s sliced garlic.

Me: Cor! Two fat slices please.

Crikey that ham was tasty. Plus Dinah’s method of making cheese sauce is easy and perfect (none of that tricky making a roux business). The only change I would make when making this in future (and this is definitely going to be my go-to cheese sauce recipe) would be to grate the cheese rather than cube it so it’s easier to melt.

Ham, tomatoes, eggs,

I had cherry tomatoes so I just halved those

cheese sauce,

breadcrumbs, butter, more cheese

how could it not be delicious?

Just before the recipe, for all you Frank Sinatra fans, here’s the time Dinah and Frank cooked up some spaghetti sauce together…

Dinah Shore’s Sunday Baked Eggs

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