so if you fancy joining the fun, grab yourself a copy of it and watch it in your own time, on your own sofa sometime in June.  There will be chit-chat about the film in our virtual reality cinema bar, so get amongst it!

The accompanying recipe I have suggested is Jane Russell’s Chili, but I also heartily recommend her Green Pepper Steak.

(I looked a bit like this after I’d tried Jane’s Green Pepper Steak for the first time.)

In the article that featured Jane’s recipe for chili she also shared recipes for Buñuelos and Spiced Cocoa – I haven’t tried either of these, but I do want to!  Apologies that I don’t have a clearer scan for you, hopefully you can read the recipes OK.

Have fun watching the movie and/or cooking up one or more of Jane’s delights – let me know how your star-spangled din-dins turns out.


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