COR!  This was utterly delicious!  I’ve never made chips before and neither had Mr R so we approached this test cook with great trepidation.  As we grew up in the 1970s we had fear installed in us about CHIP PAN FIRES by many public information films, consequently Mr R spent a lot of time blocking me from getting too close to the boiling oil.

I bought this chip sieve thing, especially for this recipe but my goodness there is no way it is only going to get used just once.  I just loved our homemade chips!  If you too are new to this kind of business, I heartily recommend this Jamie Oliver step-by-step guide.  It fits with Paul’s recipe but gives more guidance on timings and extra tips.

Behold the splendour!

This recipe is the suggestion for Dinner and a Movie this month – we are watching A Hard Day’s Night – join us!

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  • John Lennon’s cocoa recipes
  • George Harrison’s soup
  • Ringo’s method for fish and chips – get someone else to make them for you, basically.

Also a video demo of me comparing whisky & coke (Beatles fave) and bourbon & coke – with added John Lennon impressions by Mr Rathbone.

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