As townies on holiday by the seaside recently I expect that we did all the clichés.  We took about a million photos of the sunset from the garden:

we looked at birds and boats through binoculars for hours, went on a fabulous 20 minute boat trip that cost £2, and both yelled, “What the hell was that?” when there was a thunder clap that sounded like Concorde breaking the sound barrier late at night.  When was the last time I heared thunder in London, I cannot remember…

However, we drew the line at scarfing down the local delicacy by the gallon – Mersea Oysters.  Neither of us eat shellfish so when we walked past the oyster beds it really made me laugh that rather then talking about the wonderful quaintness of this traditional trade Mr R shrieked, “Stinky Oyster Pooh!”

We did, however go somewhere that I’ve wanted to go for many years, the Company Shed.  Here is me in my “holiday t-shirt”.

You take your own booze and bread and they serve up all kinds of wonderment from the sea for your delectation.  We had Tiger Prawns

and Crab Cakes, both of which were delicious.

Later that evening I rustled us up some chicken with rice a la Delores Del Rio:

and Mr R taught me to play backgammon.  I love learning new stuff and I was quite good at it.  Wonder if Delores liked board games?  She looks a bit like Mr R’s favourite WSB Randeeta here…

Thanks to the “All About You” website for the lovely oysters picture – there is a write up there about the Company Shed so click on the link if you’d like to know more…

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