Unexpected house guest this evening which was LOVELY.  James was hoping someone would be up for a Friday night drink after work and because everyone was in hibernation except me, he came over for some chicken with rice and the first ever screening of a full length film on the new DVD projector.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was still in the machine from when I tried out the whole system last week (I just watched the opening sequence for the JOY of it) but what a happy scene, James chuckled away in the yellow velour wraparound chair, had a tiny snooze, laughed out loud and generally enjoyed the whole experience in between knocking out some zeds.  The chicken and rice was OK but it was really Rosie Lovell’s broccoli and cauliflower cheese that tickled the tastebuds.

I feel like I could watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes one million times without ever growing tired of it and it was lovely to watch it with someone who is a film-maker and also someone with a rounded sense of humour.

What a contrast to the last time I watched it with a man who didn’t see the splendour in it at all…

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