Oh what a fun time I had appearing as a guest on Karie Bible’s lovely Hollywood Kitchen Show last Sunday.  Karie had invited myself and my co-writer Peter to speak about our Vincent Price cookbook

and to make Dolores Del Rio’s Enchiladas and Vincent Price’s Mexican Creamed Corn (scroll to the bottom of the post for the recipes).

Both of these dishes are in the book and Peter explained why we HAD to feature Dolores, even though she never co-starred with Vincent in a movie.

I made my enchiladas and corn before the show as the internet isn’t great in my kitchen, and I loved being able to relax and watch Karie cooking live.

Karie’s other guests Hazel and Alia spoke about their love of Dolores and of Mexican food and you can watch the show on Karie’s Facebook page. I heartily recommend that you visit Karie’s website too see all her wonderful interviews and fun cooking demos.

Plus follow Karie on Facebook so that you can join live when she streams a new episode.  I’ll be popping up again tonight along with Fritzi Kramer of Movies Silently

and Samantha Ellis of Musings of a Classic Film Addict

Avocados will be involved!

This will be soooooo exciting for me as I’ve been in touch with both of these wonderful souls for many years, swapping movie star recipes and doing mad collaborations (remember the BONKERS Julie Christie Holiday Salad cookalong?!)

but I’ve never seen their faces or heard their voices.

But for now, here are the two recipes we rustled up on Sunday.  My enchiladas are by no means authentic, but here in the UK it is hard to get Mexican ingredients.

I scored some Munster cheese (American Meunster as specified by Vincent is apparently a milder version of this European soft and delightfully stinky cheese)

from the brilliant Cheeses here in Muswell Hill, I used this in both recipes.

I used these chillies for the enchiladas as we can’t get Ortega here.

and as we can’t get fresh poblano peppers here either, I always use dried ancho peppers because I love the rich smoky flavour they bring to the party.

I toasted, soaked and chopped them before adding to the corn mix.

This corny mixture is soooooooo fabulous I can eat it by the spoonful straight out of the saucepan.  And I do.

There was some debate about Vincent’s instruction about covering the pan with a towel.  Here’s what I do – it always works perfectly.  I guess the corn is steaming as the cheese melts and the tea towel stops the evaporation and stops the corn from sticking?

If you are just making the creamed corn for yourself, and you manage not to eat the whole lot in one go, there’s a recipe in the Supper with the Stars book for a special Johnny Depp related sandwich whereby some of the corn is mixed with tuna and mayonnaise. That’s just what I did and a post about that coming soon.  It was DIVINE.

But for now, here are the recipes for Dolores’ Enchiladas and Vincent’s Mexican Creamed Corn. They are perfect when served together…


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