Oh my.  These were divine.  I couldn’t really believe how good they were, as there were only a few simple ingredients.  Make these as soon as you can.  Yum.

It’s possible that the deliciousness of these was mostly to do with the cheese I used.  Not having access to asedoros here in London, UK, I used up some Muenster I had hidden in the freezer after a recent batch of Vincent Price’s Mexican Creamed Corn and a bit of another cheese I’ve forgotten the name of.  Mmmm!  Stinky delicious cheese!

I made my own corn tortillas, not because I am a domestic goddess, but simply because I have some Masa Harina and a tortilla press bought purely and simply on a whim. Making another batch of tortillas brings the “cost per wear” down.  Plus it is really hard to get corn tortillas here in jolly old England.

If you use shop bought tortilla wraps here in the UK, please bear in mind that they are usually much bigger than traditional home-made tortillas.  You might need to use double the mixture in each tortilla and therefore, serve one tortilla per person instead of two (or three in my greedy case).

I would say that Dolores’ recipe would serve 4 people with 3 small enchiladas each.  I had three for lunch with nothing else and was STUFFED!

I made half of Dolores’ recipe so bear this in mind when looking at the pix.  If you make the whole recipe, your quantities will be double those in the photos.

Also, we can’t get cans of Ortega chillies here in the UK so I used these…

and guessed how much from memory is in one of those little tins.  This amount for half the recipe worked fine for me…

Oh, these were GOOD!  Such a brilliant lunch.  You can easily make this recipe vegetarian by using something other than lard for frying such as Trex or Crisco.

I didn’t go mad with the cream cheese, I think Dolores would have had more than this on her enchiladas.

Dolores Del Rio’s Enchiladas

2 small cans of green “chiles” (“Ortega”)

1 pint / 460g sour cream

1 lb / 450g fresh tomatoes

1 onion (medium sized)

1 dozen tortillas

4 asederos (Mexican cheese)

Lard for frying

Scald tomatoes and peel, cut onions fine, fry them in lard, then add tomatoes and mix with onions, then cut chiles fine, too, and also mix, season with salt and add asederos, until it begins to melt, remove from fire.  Fry tortillas, one by one, in lard, leave them soft.  Place tortilla on plate and put in the centre of each one the mixture of tomatoes, onions, cheese and chiles, roll each one and cover them with sour cream.  Serve immediately.

Thanks Dolores!  Meow!

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