Dorothy Lamour
“I felt like a wonderful sandwich,
a slice of white bread between two slices of ham.”

So said Dorothy of working with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby – ha ha!It’s been my birthday week and chock full of fabulousness. My feet have barely touched the ground and it isn’t over yet! I’ve seen many friends old and new, received two sung birthday greetings and many felicitations through the post, interweb and telephone. Feel very loved, and happy to be alive. Birthdays. Good. As Gloria Swanson puts it, “I don’t let age bother me. Whenever I am a year older, everyone else is too.”

So it’s a chance to blog Dale’s findings on Dorothy’s Ice Cream Recipe. Dorothy was born on the same day as me but around 50 years earlier (you can do the “math” if you care to!) so she is my honorary birthday buddy. Can you see a likeness? The conk is big enough!

I haven’t made her ice cream myself but Dale pronounces it time consuming but good. “Fat + sugar + strawberries = super easy deliciousness,” she says. Dale is one of our most dedicated test cooks and she made two versions – one in her ice-cream maker and one in the old fashioned way (using the NORGE!) – verdict? Her guests preferred the flavour of the latter and the texture of the former.

When the weather gets warmer I shall have a go at this recipe. At the rate I am filling the house with purchases from the Crouch End kitchen shop I will probably have an ice cream maker myself by then!

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