I am returned from the wilds of Essex where my niece Lucy got hitched to the lovely Helen.  There was no “best man” for me to get myself into trouble with which was just as well.  I seem to remember giving a rendition of “I Love Rock and Roll” on the karaoke at some point though…  My folks were good sports.  Even though they are in their 80s they didn’t bat an eyelid when an incredibly tall and outrageously dressed torch song singer  from Madame Jo-Jos arrived to entertain us…

On the way back yesterday I stopped at a Pick Your Own place and got some freshly gathered strawberries.  Man they taste good.  So fresh and nothing like the ones from the supermarket.  I am using most of them in Dorothy’s ice-cream.  Charley is coming round for dinner tomorrow night and we shall see if he likes it as much as Ginger’s Coffee Parfait.

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