I had my stopwatch out last night, timing Mr Rathbone making some of these as I’m going to be showing folks how to make them at a Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema event on Sunday 22nd March – can you come?!  It’s in Bo’ness in Scotland.  I cannot WAIT!


Look how beautiful the cinema is…


Information about the workshop is here:

A Taste of the Silver Screen

I think that you can get an “early bird” discount if you book today or tomorrow.  There is loads of great stuff going on, it’s going to be a blast.

At the workship I’ll be serving up Shirley Temple cocktails and talking about how to throw glamorous Silver Screen dinner parties. I’ll be proposing a full menu for an evening dedicated to Our Dancing Daughters which Dorothy and Joan Crawford starred in together…

joan crawford and dorothy sebastianand if that photo of them wasn’t fabulous enough, here’s another…


I’m getting nervous about being on the telebox tonight with my gramophone…  If I don’t look too goofy I’ll paste a link to the “watch again” page sometime. If only I looked as glam as Dorothy..



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