This was really lovely.  Chunks of chicken in a creamy sauce, cooked up in a double boiler.  The kind of “cooked dressing” that seemed to be very popular in the 1930s. It reminded me a bit of a posh Heinz Toast Topper type mixture, but it was super tasty. Can you still get Toast Toppers?  I might just have to treat myself to one. 

Talking of Heinz, Mr R’s dad used to work for Heinz and we have many conversations about it.  Last night in Honest Burger we were sniffing the ketchup bottles like old folks, trying to ascertain if they were putting inferior ketchup in their un-labled, but instantly recognisable, Heinz bottles.  At the risk of getting sued by Honest Burger I should say that we spotted a big vat of Heinz out the back with a pump top so we have to assume there is no jiggery-pokery going on.

There is also a plan at some point to go and count all the Heinz products we can find to see if they still stick to the “57 Varieties” of product.  What we would like to know is, if they introduce a new product, such as the much loved (and now disappeared) Sweet Chili Tomato Ketchup, does one of the other, lesser known products get dropped?  I quite like the idea of going to a massive supermarket with a clipboard checking the sauces, soups and condiment aisles to see how many we can spot.  I bet there are delicious products we haven’t even dreamed of out there…

Anyhow, I digress.  I served Dorothy’s salad plonked on the ends of little gem lettuce leaves and I thought it worked really well.  You could pick up the whole leaf and scoff it, thereby getting at least one bit of greenery amongst all the other snack-attack items. 

There was quite a lot of this mixture so we also served some of it on Ritz crackers along with the mustard butter mixture.  General consensus was that the ritz overpowered the chicken so maybe, if no lettuce available, a plainer cracker would be better.

Both Michelle and  Tony put the chicken salad in their top three along with the cheese straws…

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