Just a quick post as I have a DATE tonight coming to my house for dinner so I have an immense amount of cleaning to do… I don’t want to ruin my chances with someone who appears to be quite a stitch by revealing my slovenly side too soon.

So just to mention that the wonderful Gin & It Magazine Issue 2 is out and I have something in it about the Fairbanks Cocktail (No. 1).  Originally featured in the most beautiful cocktail book in the world – The Savoy Cocktail Book – published in 1930.  It’s a bit confusing as there are two Fairbanks cocktails in the book and there is some debate about whether the first is related to dear, dear Doug or not, but we can be pretty sure that the second one is because of the little note which says: “We often wondered what Doug did it on.  Now that we know we are going to try and do it ourselves.”  And I say hell to the yeah to that.

So anyhow I rustled up a Fairbanks No 1 to test it last night – mmmm – very, very good.  Not too sweet (the lemon juice and vermouth cut through the apricot brandy) and will definitely be serving these tonight to whet the appetite.

Also on the menu: Vincent Price’s Cheese Knots, Dirk Bogarde’s Chicken Clermont and Vincent Price’s Pots de Creme Chocolat.

I am stupidly excited, and not just about the dinner…


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