I made half the quantity Edna May suggested for the Lucille Ball Sunday Supper as her recipe would have been enough for an army of salad eaters.  We were a party of 5 and I’m going to be having this on salad until Christmas I think…  – seen on the left with Thousand Island on the right

Edna May Oliver’s Roquefort Cheese Salad Dressing

170g Roquefort cheese

½ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon white pepper

¼ teaspoon dry mustard

¼ cup A1 Sauce

¼ cup Worcstershire sauce

½ cup olive oil

¼ cup tarragon vinegar

2 tablespoons cider vinegar

Juice of  half a lemon

Put the cheese through a sieve or ricer and add the dry ingredients.  Then mix in the sauces, vinegar and lemon, taking care to blend well.  Lastly add the oil, a little at a time.  Serve over chicory, romaine or hearts of lettuce.

This is lip-smackingly good.  Mmmmmm…..

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