HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEN is coming!  That’s always a favourite time of year here at Silver Screen Suppers Towers.

I haven’t decided on the menu yet, but I may well include this as a side dish because I LOVE IT.  Who doesn’t love cheesy potatoes? This really is a super simple thing to make, it’s got ingredients that you may have already knocking around the place, and if you are like me, you’ll be able to eat almost the whole lot just by your ownself.

Just call me Mrs Potato Head

I was prompted to make this Edward Woodward dish as a friend of mine has just started a new business and I am absolutely in love with what she is doing.  Prepare yourselves for some absolute splendour, my friends….

Many of you will remember this scene in one of the creepiest films ever, The Wicker Man.  

If you have never seen this film, go directly to a purveyor of DVDs or your preferred streaming service and add it to your watch list immediately!

I’ll be setting fire to those fingers on Halloween night and filming what occurs via time-lapse!

I’ll tell you something else too.  One of these single fingers is a prize in the Vincent Price Cucumber Crocodile Competition – skip over here for details on how to enter.

and start planning your croc folks!  Closing date for photos is 25th October.

Here’s a link to the Wailing Dip Candles’ Etsy store.  The fingers are so realistic and super spooky!

Plus one last thing.  I was CRESTFALLEN to discover how Edward WoodWARD spells his surname.  Because it has ruined my best joke.  For years I have thought it was Edward WoodWOOD and my joke went like this.

Q: Why does Edward Woodwood have so many Ds in his name?

A: Because otherwise, it would be Ewar Woowoo.

But I don’t think Ewar Woowar has the same ring to it, do you?

RIGHT – you want the recipe don’t you? Well here it is with some gubbins about how I made it to follow.

Because I’m not great at slicing potatoes thinly, I did them on a brand new gadget which I am totally obsessed by.

Thank you adverts on Instagram.  This time the product was as good as it looked in the promotional video!

Now what else can I slice up? I feel an Oscar Werner cucumber salad coming on…

I used Gruyere for the cheese element as that’s what I had about my person.  The stronger your cheese the tastier it will be.

I overcooked it a bit (my oven is fierce) but the crispy top was soooooo good so I didn’t mind.


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