A couple of people recently have asked me what my favourite film star recipe is.  For a long time I have said Marlene Dietrich’s Lamb Chops En Casserole but I have switched recently to Liz’s chicken.  It is simple and utterly delicious, and the use of a posh EXPENSIVE dessert wine makes it extra special.

For these reasons, and one more involving the jettisoning of Loretta Young, I have decided to feature this recipe in the forthcoming Silver Screen Suppers book, so I’ll have to get on with writing the blurb that will go with it.  And which film will I recommend to watch whilst consuming Liz’s tender and fragrant chicken dish?  I’m not sure, perhaps I’ll put it out to my blog readers.  What’s your favourite Elizabeth Taylor film my lovelies? 

The recipe for this delightful dish is here…   After making it a few times I have decided the best dessert wine to use is this one – Croix Milhas – mmmmmmmmmm – £7.49 a half bottle – almost half the price of the same of Sauternes which is Liz’s ultimate choice…

I might make sure that there is always a bottle of this in my drinks cabinet because Liz’s chicken is something I can now rustle up at the drop of a hat and it’s easy to remember what to pick up on the way home.  Chicken basically, and onions and garlic and a few herbs…  I love you Liz.  You are so STYLISH in every way – including the way you relish your food.


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