I went back to basics recently as I know there is an awful lot of eating and drinking ahead over the next couple of weeks.

I had an Elizabeth Taylor breakfast of one piece of unadorned toast, a cup of coffee and an apple. It was so simple and actually pretty delicious. If you have good bread, it is tasty as it is.

This breakfast is part of the Taylor-Made Diet as laid out in her fab book

I don’t know why I am so proud of myself, please don’t think this kind of breakfast is happening every day. Most days are more like this...

Christmas food madness has already begun and my plans to counteract the vast amount of food with a vast amount of exercise has been scuppered by a tremendous tumble yesterday.

My knees! My knees!

My new nickname is Peasy Knees. I like it. I am resting for a few days at Mr Rathbone’s place. The Pioneer Woman on Food Network is my new best friend.

I think I’ll probably have to surrender to the Christmas excesses now and think about cutting down in the New Year. I have Elizabeth, Diana Dors

Jane Fonda

and Tessie O’Shea

to keep me on the right track so expect some recipes from all of them in the New Year.

Plus of course I have the Jane Fonda Workout to do when the knees are fixed…

and of course, the Debbie Reynolds workout, the Angela Lansbury workout, and the Raquel Welch workout. You are not going to recognize me once I get stuck into all of those!

Not sure if I’ll get another chance to post before Xmas so I hereby wish all of my readers a wonderful, wonderful festive season with lots of friends, family and of course, delicious food!

Diets are for 2019.

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