Being a family of one and following recipes written for 6-8 results in a freezer bursting at the seams with spare portions of delicious  but mostly unidentifiable things.  I wouldn’t usually serve something from the freezer to company but needs must.  I cannot keep buying chook after chook and trying to cram their lovely legs and breasts into my already choockoblock deep freeze.

So for once I thought ahead and got 2 portions of this out for me and Ptolemy and defrosted it in the fridge overnight, put an extra glug of wine in because I was scared the rice would stick and warmed it up in the oven.  Success!  Lots of compliments from Pt and I was very pleased to see that the chicken was moist, the rice was flavoursome and all was hunky dory.  It was Liz Taylor Meets Yotam Ottolenghi at the dinner table as I made the spinach salad from Jerusalem to go with it.  Yum.

There was much talk about dating.  Ptolemy has met a wonderful man through the internet and wants to help me do the same.  She picked out one for me from eHarmony and I sent him a message about Twiglets.  No response so far.  It’s been tumbleweed for me lately.  Mr Shoulder has disappeared and my meet up with the Bradley Wiggins lookeelikee seemed to go well but there has been radio silence since.

I have a couple of prospects though.  I spoke to one guy on the phone last night.  Anyone who knows me will know how remarkable this is, and I have a date tonight with a friend of a neighbour.  This one is a 100% blind date.  I don’t know what he looks like, I don’t know how old he is, all I know is that he works in a record shop.  So if you know about me and the phone phobia, you’ll also know about me and men that work in record shops…

I made the chicken back in November and here is the recipe.  Easy, delicious and freezes a treat.

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