My 6 day writing retreat has come to an end. Oh, it was so lovely! I’ve got Columbo coming out of my ears…


I decided that as I was out of my own environment, it was a good chance for me to take a break from some bad habits. So I didn’t have any booze for 6 days and I had the breakfasts recommended by Elizabeth on her Taylor Made Diet. Here’s the day seven menu BIG, just for Yinzerella over at Dinner is Served 1972…


Talking of Yinzerella, when I heard the news that she had cooked the FINAL CARD of the Dinner Is Served recipe card set from 1972 I was really worried that she’d do a Brian of Caker Cooking and stop blogging altogether.  But joy of joys!  She’s found herself the rare recipe card set for Dinner is Served 1973, and plans to do them all.  Genius!  That makes me very happy.  I am very proud to say that I am now a PATRON of Dinner is Served 1972,


and if you like what Yinzerella does, you can be too.  Just skip over to this post to see how…

You want to see what happens when someone actually tries to cook things like this don’t you?  I sure do!


Back to the Liz Taylor diet.  As I am basically fruit free, it was really strange for me to eat fruit every day for breakfast. For some reason I had got it into my head that I didn’t like fruit and I’ve barely eaten any for about 30 years. But this week has changed my mind. I really enjoyed it.  I DO like fruit.  Well I never.

I’m aware that saying “I don’t like fruit” would be like saying “I don’t like vegetables”, but it is true.  I always thought I didn’t like it…  What a FOOL!


Day 1 – pineapple – with Ryvita as no bread in the house…  


Day 2 – watermelon is such a beautiful thing to behold.   


Day 3 – mango, stripes for my crockery and a badger on my plate.  

For the first time ever, I made bread in a bread machine.


Day 4 – kiwifruit and watermelon – I almost missed my “good luck on the writing retreat” card from Mr R,

which was in amongst the home owners’  masses of mail…


Day 5 – pineapple and grapes – I liked this little foxy plate…

I brought my Camp NaNoWriMo mug with me for luck. 


Day 6 – orange segments and kiwifruit


Day 7 – FRY UP!  This is not my actual fry up, this photo is from the Fry Up Inspector website.

So what did I learn from eating like Liz in the mornings for 7 days?  That fruit is NICE.  And you will feel extremely virtuous and a goody goody two shoes if you have it for your breakfast.

I’m at my cat-sit for another week and am really enjoying having a cat sit on me when I am least expecting it.  I have enjoyed my fruity breakfasts so much that I’m planning to continue doing this a couple of days a week.  As we all know, fruit is good for a body.

Oh, look what I found in the freezer.  I was so happy when I spotted these! 


So here is what I had for lunch one day…


Oh yes!

Thanks Liz.  I enjoyed your fruit, toast and coffee breakfasts this week… 


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